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Join us on Wednesday evenings for fellowship, the Word, and a hot slice of Pizza. Wednesdays at Living Hope is a very intimate and friendly atmosphere for people to laugh, learn and eat. Youth group also meets at this time, Tyler brings a powerful word from God with Vision. Come out and join us at 6:30 and see for yourself that Pizza and Prayer seem to draw you closer to the Family of God.

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We welcome you to come experience freedom, newness in life, and a refreshing Love Everlasting.  Our worship is heart-felt, our members are loving and friendly! If you can't visit our church in London, Kentucky, you can experience our service via our LIVE video feed or listen/download/share audio mp3's in the Sermon Archive.  Please let us know if you enjoyed our site, and even let us know if you have any questions.  May God richly bless you!

I always look forward to opening my email to see what the K-Love Encouraging Word of the Day is going to be.  In the midst of work emails, and tons of junk emails, this is the one email list I'm on that I actually read.  In a busy world where I don't spend enough time with Him, this is my sacred 5 minutes of reflection and thankfulness for such an awesome God.  Just to be clear:  this is not the only 5 minutes I spend in His presence.  I try to be in a constant state of prayer/thanksgiving throughout the day.  This is just 5 minutes of studying the Word :)

Often, there are verses that seem to fit my current situation.  If I've had a rough morning, I open the email to find "This is the day The Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it" as the encouraging Word.  If I'm overwhelmed, I find "Do not worry about anything..." Everytime this happens, I just have to smile and thank God for knowing me better than I know myself.  He knows my every need, every desire, every thought and has proven to me over and over that He's got it under control.

This morning, the Encouraging Word of the Day is Job 37:5...

"God's voice is glorious in the thunder.  We can't even imagine the greatness of his power."

On any normal day, this might not have spoken to me like it did today.  But today, I just had to take an extra few minutes to give Him glory.  Recently, it seems like so many people around me are battling with cancer.  I have been earnestly praying and seeking The Lord for healing and encouragement on their behalf.  Each situation is different in respect to the type of cancer and treatments, but ONE thing is constant:  GOD.  I can see Him at work in each one of their bodies.  Tumors are shrinking; tumors are GONE; surgeries are successful; there are only minor side effects from treatments.  I give HIM all the glory and honor and praise for these reports because HE is the ONE who made it happen.  In the midst of their times of thunder, God's voice is glorious.  Where we asked for the tumor to shrink, He made it disappear.  Everything we've asked for, He's taken one step further just because He can.  God really does have a sense of humor.  He's probably just shaking His head at us and thinking "If they only knew what I could do, they'd be asking for a whole lot more than that!"

Father, I thank you for your Word.  I thank you that you have us in the palm of your hand.  And I thank you that your power is greater than we could ever think or imagine.  I give you praise as my friends and family who are battling with cancer are being healed and delivered as we speak; that they're hearing your glorious voice in the thunder around them.  I thank you that their testimonies will be used to exalt you and glorify YOUR NAME.  In Jesus' mighty name.  Amen.

I heard this song by Kari Jobe this morning on my way to work and I thought I was going to have to pull over I was crying so hard. It’s a love song from God. To us. It’s so beautiful and simple and true!!

Can I just say that I love Living Hope Church? 

I mean, where else can you pick the place where you get baptized and have a party to celebrate after?  That is exactly what happened last Sunday afternoon at Mike and Rhonda Bryant's home.  My sweet little 7 year old Maggie was baptized, along with Deborah Dotson and Jeffery Proffitt.  It was one of the sweetest moments I've shared with her.  We had 40 or so family and friends there, sitting with their feet in the pool, as if they too were performing this baptism service. 


It seems like just yesterday Pastor Lynn, Pam, and I were sitting in their living room dreaming about this church.  It has been a wonderful and challenging ride, and God has been with us the whole trip.

Living Hope Sweet 16The praise team has literally gone from a transparency machine and cd player to a full fledged band.  I am so humbled to think about the journey we have been on.  I never felt adequate to be a praise and worship leader.  I think we always focus on our short comings, but God sees them as oppertunities for His strength.  God has never failed us and with every struggle He has shown himself strong.  He has continually used us and provided.  I grew up in a very traditional church, with piano and organ as our main instruments in musical worship, so I felt very out of my league when people began suggesting a praise team with live music.


I was watching television with Maggie the other day and the show was all about kids trying to fit in.  They were trying to be "popular", but couldn't quite make it work.  It's a familiar theme and  I started thinking about how we never really lose that need or desire to fit in with the world around us.  We are either trying to blend in with friends or co-workers and we just want to be loved and accepted.  Most of the time we want people to like us for who we truly are, but sometimes we go as far as changing things about us to become who we think others want us to be.  That's a complicated way to say we we change ourselves to fit the mold.  It sounds like a problem we should face in high school, but throughout our lives we tend to struggle with who we are and where we fit in.  Read more...

Today is memorial day and to so many people it's just a day off or time with family . Those things aren't bad in themselves.  We all need day's off and time with family.  I used to get memorial day and labor     day confused.  All I knew was one signified the start of summer and one signified an end to summer.  But, this day, unlike the other was set aside to remember the heroes who have given their lives for the freedoms of our country.  I loved that yesterday at church we honored those unsung heroes and that we honored the ultimate hero in Jesus Christ.  I was watching some of the memorial day programs on TV last night and I was really touched by the stories of the sacrifice so many men and women have made for our freedom and the freedom of those who can't fight for themselves.



Rhonda and I were laughing earlier tonight about our first Easter together as a married couple.

I grew up in a world where the "Sunrise Service" on Easter Sunday morning was a regular ritual in the churches my father pastored.  As I began my own ministry, I helped organize and lead other churches in this endeavor.  Dozens of people arriving just before sunrise in a cemetery located either next to the church or in the city where I was serving.  An air of excitement; the anticipation of the worship experience we would all share together; the reminder that the grave is not the end - all of it was such a moving experience for me.

Although I was between church staff adventures at the time of my first Easter Sunday as a married man, I was determined that this minor detail would not interfere with my plans to celebrate Easter morning the way I had for so many years.  I was also determined that Rhonda and I would share this time together.  I woke, dressed and prompted her to do the same.  I told her our destination was a surprise.  She reluctantly dressed and complied with my request.....


Worry and sorrow are bad companions.

They make you tense, rob you of sleep, stress you out and paralyze your productivity.  I wonder why I let them hang around.

The two Marys came sorrowful to the tomb to anoint Jesus's body after his death.  What great love and loyalty they had.  The service they wanted to perform was the only thing left they could do for a dead man.  They kept worrying about how they would get to the body since there was a huge stone sealing the tomb of Jesus. But when they arrived the stone was rolled away and they saw a young man sitting at the right, wearing a white robe; and they were amazed.  The man said "Do not be amazed; ...He is risen !!!

I have missed so many opportunities in my life because I let fear and worry about some "stone" keep me from doing the thing in my heart I knew I wanted to do for the Lord.  How about you?  Are you grieving over some loss in your life and worrying about your future?  God was already at work in the situation before they arrived and their service was not even needed.  Instead they received the good news that Jesus was alive. What a turn of events.  God loves to surprise us with his goodness. Let the announcement of the resurrection fill your heart with hope and joy. The Stone Has Been Rolled Away!!!

Good FridayI have always been confused why they call this good friday.  This is the day, traditionally speaking, that we remember our Lord being falsely accused, beaten, moked, tried unfarely, and ultimately crucified in a very painful and humiliating way on a cross.  How can we call this day good?  I did a little Google research and found out that actually early Christians originally called the day "Holy Friday" or "God's Friday". Here is part of the article I found on

Good Friday Origins

There are two possible origins for the name "Good Friday". The first may have come from the Gallican Church in Gaul (modern-day France and Germany). The name "Gute Freitag" is Germanic in origin and literally means "good" or "holy" Friday. The second possibility is a variation on the name "God's Friday," where the word "good" was used to replace the word "God," which was often viewed as too holy to be spoken aloud.

It's interesting to me how words have so many meanings and understandings.  I think if we take the word good in our language literally and look at what was good about that  day, you can honestly see the bad circumstances as a means for our ultimate good.  Christ suffered in all these ways, but when it was over, it was truely over.  He sacrificed His earthly comfort and pride and holiness, to take on our sin, to be the final sacrifice.  It is so humbling to me to think that He did all that for me.  I so often complain when my day isn't going right or I'm facing some seemingly impossible battle.  When I put those things in perspective with the cross, they don't seem so important anymore.

Think about what is good on this day.  Jesus, He was the only truely good and perfect person, and His death brought about the ultimate good.  We always have to go through the awful events of good Friday to make it to the resurrection on Sunday.  In some ways the struggle of good Friday makes the Resurrection that much sweeter.  I need to remember that truth in my own trials.  The problems make the victories that much better.  We must remember "good Friday" as a holy, God's day.  We must face it and see the darkness that our Lord endured and faced for us, but let's not grieve for Him as "those with no hope".  We know that the death was not the end.  It was the beginning of our life in Him and His goodness overcame sin's seperation.  Thank you God for your sacrifice in the cross and for making that awful Friday into something good.

Living Hope Church BlogsI was talking with God this morning. Yes, I often speak out loud and converse with God and I'm not totally crazy... Anyway, I was talking with Him about some concerns and frustrations I had been dealing with for a few days.  I sometimes get on a rant and just complain, but I felt in my Spirit God telling me to stop. So I did. Then a series of questions poped in my mind.  It went like this. Do you trust me?  Yes God. Then why worry? Because I don't like to not be in control. Have I ever failed you? No God. Then why worry? Because when will I be able to take care of all of this. Are you really in control?  No God. Then why worry? I just feel so inadequate at times.  Have I set you apart and called you to do this? Yes God. Then why worry?  Cause I want things to be perfect. Has that worked for you in the past? No God, not when I've tried to do anything in my own strength. Then why worry?  I don't know why, God. It's what I'm used to doing.  Then let go and I'll work out the details.

It took me a while to get to the point of surrender, but I finally saw the answer.  If I try in own strength to do things, they might be ok, but they will never be great and I always end up stressed and worried.  If I trust God and do things His way, they always end up great and I get to sit back while He is in charge.  How many times do we worry and fret when God is standing there inviting us to give it all to him. One of my favorite verses is from Matthew 11:28-29.  It says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls"  That is what I long for these days, rest for my soul.  Give God a chance and just see how things go with Him in charge. He is asking for you to trust Him. Do you trust him? Then why worry?

Living Hope Church blogsWow.  What an awesome day!  The list of good God things that happened today is simply too long to include in a blog entry, so I'll stick with just a couple.  First - the "sorta non-spiritual but really it is spiritual thing" - The Wizard of Oz came on tonight and we watched it together as a family.  I admit it - I still love it.  I love the wonder of it all in the face of each of our children as they have watched it through the years.  I also never fail to be amazed that Dorothy doesn't naturally assume she's in Heaven when she wakes up in Munchkinville - WHAT COLOR!!  :)

Okay - now on to the "definitely Spiritual" thing.  Firsts.  First smiles.  First steps.  First words.  First dates.  First kisses.  First snows.  First children.  First SERMONS.  I remember mine - a really power packed 12 minutes....:) did last 12 minutes, but I'm not sure how power-packed it was.  I have no idea what I said, but I do remember it felt great to be doing what God had called me to do.  Nothing is more rewarding!  Today, Tyler Dotson preached his first sermon and HE NAILED IT!!  Beyond admiring Tyler's willingness to answer the call and rejoicing at the turn of events that brought all of us together today at Living Hope, one thing has been foremost in my thoughts:  Tyler was exactly WHO he should have been today.  He was Tyler.  As unique creations in God's big plan, it is so important that we be who He intended us to be.  We don't need to become some cheap imitation of another one of God's children.  I can't preach with the "Nawth Caylina" drawl of Billy Graham and I can't hit the high notes like Larnelle Harris and some of the other great vocalists in Christian music past and present.  But I CAN be me.  And Tyler has already mastered that veteran technique!  God used Tyler's voice, Tyler's thoughts, Tyler's vernacular and Tyler's wit to give all of us deeper insight into the mysteries He makes known to us when we are willing to surrender our all to Him - unashamed, unafraid, undaunted.  Sold out.

Thanks, Tyler for being you.  Thank You, Holy Spirit for using Tyler - not some cheap imitation - to strengthen and encourage all of us in the Faith.  I'll have seconds!

Peace to you all!

Living Hope Church fastingThe Message Bible sums up the spiritual discipline of fasting quite well:  "When you practice some appetite-denying discipline to better concentrate on God, don't make a production out of it.  It might turn you into a small-time celebrity but it won't make you a saint.  If you 'go into training' inwardly, act normal outwardly.  Shampoo and comb your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face.  God doesn't require attention-getting devices.  He won't overlook what you are doing; he'll reward you well.

There  is a promise from the Word of God that when we fast in a proper way and with a proper attitude He will reward us well.  Our Father loves us so much and loves to give good things to his children who passionately pursue Him.



Worship is not a topic in the church bulletin.  Worship is not a bunch of songs put in a certain order.  Worship is not something that happens only on Sunday morning, only in our church, and only for 15 - 20 minutes.  Worship is a living, breathing thing.  It is a way of life, an intent to submit our heart and lives daily to our living God.  Worship is what we are called to live and worshippers are who we are called to be.  I have felt the stress before of trying to make something happen on Sunday morning, to sing the right songs, and say the right words.  But I can never be successful in that, because worship is more about God than about me.  I can't make anything happen.  Only God can enter into our hearts and change us from the inside out. Only God can inhabit the praises of His people.  Only God can draw all me to Him.  Through worship we begin to totally surrender to Him.

I was thinking about this today and I was wondering when do we begin to catagorize our lives?  When do we seperate things in our lives like religion here, work here, family here, friends here?  Why can't we live our lives as a continual worship time to the Father?  Do sinful thoughts or motives or actions get in our way?  Do we not want Jesus along with us in our daily lives?  Are we embarrased He won't fit in or that he would be disappointed?  Worship is what we should be about every minute of every hour of every day of our lives.  We should be striving to be so in tune with God that our thoughts become a constant conversation with Him.  Jesus lived His life this way. He said that He only did the things His father told him to do.  How did He know what to do?  He was in constant communion with God, constant conversation, and constant worship.  I want our church to see that worship is more than a song, more than a Sunday morning hour, and more than filler before the sermon.  Worship is what we do at home,  on the way to work, or even in the grocery store line.  When we change our attitude and put on a lifestyle of worship stress begins to melt away.  The joy of the Lord becomes our strength and the peace that passes all understanding flows in our lives.  It's not because we did things right on Sunday, it's because our hearts are connected to the Holy Father and we are living a lifestyle of worship.  Come, now is the time to worship.

This morning I looked out and saw snow on the ground and it reminded me of how the seasons are in transition.  It's like spring wants to come but winter wants to hold on.  That's the way change is, its so hard to let go of the familiar even if its not the best, its just familiar.  I guess there is something comforting about familiar.  Its hard to say good bye to what use to be.  God help me to trust you with the different seasons and changes in my life.

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