Kristi Kitzmiller

Praise and Worship Leader

Living Hope Church - London, Kentucky

Kristi Kitzmiller, Living Hope Church Praise and Worship LeaderI graduated from Cumberland College in 1996 with a degree in Music Education.  I joined with Pastor Lynn in 1995 as worship leader at Living Hope Church.  We started our praise team with a CD player, transparency machine, a borrowed sound system, and whoever I could find of my friends at Cumberland to come join with us that particular Sunday.  It has been a tremendous journey of faith and God's guidance.  God has brought some wonderful musicians and worshippers to our church at different times to help lead us into worship.  I have been so blessed to serve with so many great people over the years.  Our team and sound is continually changing as God changes us and grows us into who He has called us to be.  My philosophy of worship is that we are all called to be worshippers of God every day of our lives in every thing we do.  Music is only one way of expressing that to God and we are called to be lead worshippers.  It is my prayer and hearts desire that through music at Living Hope Church we can create an atmosphere to enter in to the presence of God.  Scripture tells us to "come boldly to the throne of God" and that is what I believe the church needs to do.  Scripture also tells us that as we lift up the name of the Lord He will draw all men unto Him.  Our job is to worship Him, to lift us the name of the Lord, and He will do the rest.  May we glorify God in all we do and live our lives as God worshippers.


0 #1 Joshua Patton 2012-02-20 13:44

Wow its been a long time. Not sure if you even remember me. I'm Josh Robin Mcqueens son. Anyway I am now part of a new trio called Mercys Bridge and we are currently booking concert dates for the remainder of the year starting in June. I had a dream the other night and was thinking of how I used to sing at living hope as a teen and the part your alls ministry played in my life. Anyway was wondering if you would be interested in scheduling us for a concert. you can check out our myspace page our website is still in the works. it has sound clips, photos, etc. dont worry about the booking agent you can book through me direct 859-248-1872. Hope to be able to do something. God bless you

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