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Sermon Central

Our March Recordings

Download Name Play Size Length
download Freedom Song
Desperation Band

2.7 MB 4:46 min
download Pastor Lynn Dotson 03_27_11
Pastor Lyn

53.6 MB 58:34 min
download Pastor Lynn Dotson 04_03_11

59.4 MB 64:56 min
download Pastor Lynn Dotson04-24-10

37.4 MB 40:52 min
download The Baptism
Pastor Lynn Dotson

32.5 MB 35:31 min
download TheJourney_LynnDotson_6-04-2011
Lynn Dotson

29.7 MB 32:25 min
download TheJourney_michael_6-04-2011
Michael Bryant

53.1 MB 57:58 min
download TheJourney_tyler_6-03-2011
Tyler Dotson

0.4 MB 0:29 min
download My Song 2
Tyler Dotson

48.2 MB 52:36 min
download My Song 2
Michael Bryant

2.1 MB 2:20 min
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